aluminum and steel trailers
Motorcycle Hauler

The Quest MC100 Series Cycle Hauler is our entry-level trailer. The MC100 Series trailer can be produced on either a steel or an aluminum frame. As a base model, the MC100 is barebones - equipped with the minimum components to get you started in the Quest family of trailers. The 100 series will function as a stand-alone basic cycle hauler but also offers the ability to customize for very specific purposes in an a la carte fashion from a list of almost 1,000 different standard options. The MC100 is the blank canvas on which you can create true transport masterpieces.
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Colors are representations of the actual colors, but will vary with display settings.

Quest & Signature Standard Colors

Color .030 .040 .050
Polar White Polar White Available Available Available
Trailer Black Black Available Available Available
Medium Charcoal Gray Metallic Medium Charcoal Available Available  
Dark Gray Metallic Dark Gray Metallic Available    
Light Pewter Metallic Light Pewter Metallic Available Available  
SilverFrost SilverFrost Available Available  
Brandywine Brandywine Available    
Victory Red Victory Red Available Available  
Bronze Metallic Bronze Metallic Available    
Champagne Beige Champagne Beige Available Available  
Indigo Blue Indigo Blue Available    
Deep Green Deep Green Available    
Cargo Green Cargo Green Available    
Emerald Green Metallic Emerald Green Metallic Available    
Chevy Green Chevy Green   Available  

Quest & Signature Premium Colors

Color .030 .040 .050
Metallic Gray Metallic Gray   Available Available
Hunter Red Hunter Red   Available Available
Old Coke Red Old Coke Red   Available  
Allied Orange Allied Orange     Available
Schneider Orange Schneider Orange Available    
Penske Yellow Penske Yellow Available Available  
Ryder Yellow Ryder Yellow   Available  
New Pepsico Blue New Pepsico Blue   Available  
Old Pepsico Blue Old Pepsico Blue   Available  
Forest Green Deep Green Metallic   Available