At ATC, our motto is “Designed and Built for Life.”

Our innovation, processes, and focus on quality provide our customers with products like no other.

Aluminum Construction

Our construction starts with a full-perimeter, fully integrated six-sided aluminum frame with aluminum tube construction. Aluminum walls are built on a weld table and then welded to the floor. Then we weld a one-piece nearly maintenance-free aluminum roof to the walls rather than the vinyl and rubber used by other manufacturers. Then a super strong aluminum ramp door is added. Whatever you can fit in one of our units will be dependably supported by our ramps.

The end result is a fully welded frame with no fasteners to loosen, and there’s no wood in the frame that can rot over time. That fact also makes it easy to hose out or pressure wash mud and dirt from the garage of our toy haulers without causing water damage.


We understand that there is no one-size-fits-all or one design that meets everyone’s needs. That’s why many of our RVs and trailers are designed in a way that allows you to configure the space as you wish, whenever you wish. Open up a garage space to fit more toys or use that space for living quarters. In many models, an industry-first LifeTrac system allows you to add, remove or reconfigure the interior space with beds, sofas, cabinets, tables and more. We even offer a package in some our toy hauler models that make it easy to use the ramp as a patio with railings. See individual models to understand the level of change that’s possible and the elements that can be added and removed.

Easy Cleaning

The garage area of toy haulers in particular tend to get filthy quickly once you’ve loaded up your ATVs and dirt bikes after a day of spinning through the mud. Not to worry. Because our floors and ramps are all aluminum with no wood to rot, you can hose out the garage or use a pressure washer over and over, trip after trip, without worrying about water damage.

Cost Effectiveness

Our RVs and trailers are designed to save your money over time in a variety of ways.


Our all-aluminum frames are 10-15% lighter (but nearly twice as strong as industry steel models), so you save on fuel each time you travel. The weight savings also mean the possibility of using a smaller tow vehicle than you might need with a comparable unit. We even make an ultra-light toy hauler (the Plā 350) and an adventure cargo hauler (Stō 350) that can be hauled with a light duty truck or SUV. Towing requirements depend on the weight of what you’re loading and hauling, so check specifications for each product.

Fewer Repairs

ATC trailers and RVs are made with the highest quality components and processes, so they require far fewer costly repairs and annoying down time. Since the frame is fully welded, there are no fasteners to loosen over time and cause damage.

Resale Value

Our products have proven again and again to hold their value, resulting in higher resale prices and excellent trade-in value.


Cargo + Carrying Capacity

A stronger, lighter weight trailer or RV means you’re able to haul more. Garage areas can be reconfigured to hold more, even in the kitchen areas. We offer a variety of lengths in most models so that you can decide how much room you need or how much weight you need to carry. Dependable tie-downs ensure you can carry your vehicles or cargo safely and efficiently.