Aluminum Trailers

Our all-aluminum trailers combine strength, versatility, and lightweight design. Our trailer lineup includes models for hauling cargo, cars, and other vehicles as well as a line of professional/commercial solutions. Each offers a range of lengths and capacities that are perfect for work or recreation. 

  Aluminum Cargo Trailers

Our all-aluminum construction results in cargo trailers that are twice as strong as industry-standard steel, but lighter for better fuel efficiency.

Stō Single Axle Cargo+ Trailer
Standard-duty haulers that range from simple cargo units to configurable units with all the bells and whistles.

Stō Tandem Axle Cargo+ Trailer
Heavy-duty haulers that range from simple cargo units to configurable units with all the bells and whistles.

  Sport / Car Haulers

Ideal for transporting race vehicles, classic cars, ATVs, motorcycles, snowmobiles and more, including stacker models for multiple vehicles.

Rōm Medium-Duty Car Hauler
Our most popular and economical car hauler.

Rōm Commercial-Duty Car Hauler
Perfect for heavy-duty hauling.

Rōm 500G Gooseneck Car Hauler
Dependably engineered gooseneck hitches to help you safely haul your prized vehicles.

Rōm 800/900 Stacker 22’, 24’, 26’
Three model lengths for hauling multiple race vehicles, classic cars and more. Ideal for hauling behind an RV.

Rōm 800/900 Stacker 28’, 30
Outfitted specifically for race enthusiasts, our 28’ and 30’ Stackers offer more room and a larger lift.

  Commercial Solutions

These trailers are designed to help you get to work, whether you need an office, command center, marketing, vending, stage, or fiber-splicing trailer.


From aluminum cargo trailers to sport haulers that transport cars, motorcylces, and snowmobiles and trailers that serve as working offices, catering trailers with vending, or stage trailers for presentation, ATC offers an enclosed trailer that is perfect for work, recreation, or efficient hauling.

These enclosed trailers ensure the secure and safe transportation of your prized vehicles or equipment with added protection against weather and road debris to ensure your cargo arrives in pristine condition. Whether you’re hauling for business or pleasure, ATC trailers provide the durability, versatility, and security you need

Prō 300C Office / Command
Configure for nearly any mobile business need, from mobile working office or command center to clinic. Includes air conditioning and heat.

Prō 300S Stage
Features a stage for presentations or walk-up merchandise displays.

Prō 300V Vending
Catering trailer with vending that opens to a lighted, covered area for concessions, food or merchandise sales.

Prō 300F Fiber Optic Splicing
Eight-foot aluminum main frame with adjustable ground coupler and extra ground clearance for flexibility or uneven terrain.

Prō 300G Cargo Gooseneck
Haul large commercial cargo or set it up as a large, mobile command center.

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